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Sudanese Army, Rival Forces Agree to 24-hour Cease-Fire

KHARTOUM, Sudan—A 24-hour cease-fire reportedly reached between Sudan’s rival generals went into effect on Tuesday, but fighting continued in the capital and it was unclear whether it would hold. Residents said they still heard gunfire and explosions in different parts of Khartoum, particularly around the military’s headquarters and the Republican Palace, the seat of power….

Australia Speeds up Solomon Islands Project Amid Expanding Beijing Influence

Following the U.S. decision to open an embassy in the Solomon Islands, Australia is speeding up the construction of a logistics centre and other projects to compete with Beijing for influence in the key strategic South Pacific nation. After cutting its 36-year-old diplomatic ties with Taiwan in 2019, Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands,…

US Calls for Dialogue to Resolve India’s Farmers’ Protests

NEW DELHI—The U.S. embassy in New Delhi urged India’s government on Thursday to resume talks with farmers whose months-long protests over agricultural reforms erupted into violence last week. India’s Foreign Ministry said it had “taken note” of the comments and underlined ongoing efforts between Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and farmer’s groups to resolve the…