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Australia to Follow US Lead If China Invades Taiwan: Former Australian Defense Minister

Australia will follow the U.S. lead in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, according to former Australian Defense Minister Kevin Andrews. “Under the arrangements, we have with the United States, we’re very close to the United States. I’m sure if we were called upon by the United States to act, then we would…

No Time for Thumb-Twiddling in the Face of Beijing’s Military Build Up

Commentary The Defence White Paper published by the Australian government in 2016 was the most far-reaching, comprehensive of its type. Projecting forward for 20 years, the paper, and its accompanying Defence Industry White Paper, proposed a major program of defence acquisitions to ensure the nation’s security. It also pegged the Defence expenditure base to at…

Ex-Soldier Preferred Over MP Kevin Andrews by Victorian Libs in Preselection

The longest currently serving MP in the federal parliament has been overlooked by Liberal colleagues in a preselection battle. Former SAS commando and barrister Keith Wolahan was preferred over former defence minister Kevin Andrews in the preselection for the Victorian seat of Menzies on Sunday. Andrews, 65, had the backing of Prime Minister Scott Morrison…