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3 Tips for Fat Loss to Help Tone Body Shape

Unlike those living in the time of the Tang Dynasty, which adored overweight women, people nowadays usually equate “thin” with beauty and want a toned body shape. So how do you lose excess body fat and improve your shape? Japanese experts on dieting and fitness recommend three kinds of fat-loss methods that may help you….

Celebrate With Fat Flushing Foods to Speed Slimming During the Holidays

Christmas, New Year’s, and all their celebratory indulgences are in our midst. Thankfully, there are special Fat Flushing superfoods that can help fix dietary misgivings, curb cravings and restore optimum weight and well-being better than any “magic bullet”. Fat Flushing Foods will help flush out stubborn fat stores no other diet can. Nutritionally dense, Fat…

Oolong Tea May Help Shed Pounds While You Sleep

Data from Japan show drinking oolong tea may help your body burn fat, independent of the effects of caffeine. Around the world, tea is one of the most popular beverages, second only to water. In popularity, 84 percent of tea consumed is black; 15 percent is green; and the remaining 1 percent is split between…