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Tips to Avoid Serious Illness for the Elderly With COVID-19

A new wave of COVID-19 is circulating through mainland China, while around the world, the pandemic still lingers. With insufficient medicine supply and healthcare resources in some cities of China, some are seeking do-it-yourself treatment methods to relieve symptoms such as fever, cough, and sore throat caused by the infection. In an interview with Health…

Cough Culprits

Coughs help your body clear your airways of irritants and prevent infection. But a deep cough from your chest may signal bronchitis or pneumonia. Although they may have different underlying causes, their symptoms can be similar—and both can be serious enough to send you to the doctor. Bronchitis and pneumonia both involve Inflammation in the chest. Both…

6 Lung Cancer Warning Signs That You Should Never Ignore

Cancer has become a worldwide problem and is the second leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease. Lung cancer is one of those diseases that can just creep up on you, and by the time you notice something is wrong, often the cancer is pretty advanced. In fact, in America, lung…

Natural Cough and Sore-Throat Remedies

Bad throat? Here’s some relief.

Top 10 Natural Cough and Lung Remedies

If you’re feeling a tell-tale tickle in your throat that signifies a cough may be coming on, it’s time to stock up on the top 10 natural cough and lung remedies. You don’t need narcotic syrups or prescription medicines to start breathing easier today For decades, the conventional way of managing a low-grade cough has…