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‘Dozens’ of Family Members of US Troops Still in Afghanistan, Pentagon Says

The Pentagon on Wednesday said that “dozens” of family members of U.S. troops still remain in Afghanistan, nearly three months after the Taliban takeover of Kabul and after President Joe Biden withdrew all soldiers from the country. Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby made the remarks during a press briefing when pressed by a reporter about the…

NTD Evening News Full Broadcast (Aug. 16)

President Joe Biden remarks on the chaos unfolding in Afghanistan, U.S. troops returned fire and killed two armed individuals at the airport in Afghanistan’s capital, and NTD Speaks with a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army who completed four tours in Afghanistan.

Taliban Takes Key Northern Afghan Cities as Battles Rage On

KABUL, Afghanistan—Taliban terrorist seized most of the capital of northern Afghanistan’s key Kunduz province on Sunday, and took another neighboring provincial capital after a monthlong siege. The advances were the latest in a series of blows to government forces as U.S. troops complete their pullout after nearly two decades in the country. The terrorists planted…

Biden Administration to Expand Military Presence in Germany in Reversal of Trump Policy

The United States will station 500 additional troops in Germany as early as this fall.

US Defense Secretary Urges ‘Path Towards Peace’ as Taliban Peace Pact Deadline Looms

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said in order for the United States to withdraw all troops from war-torn Afghanistan before the May deadline will depend on the Taliban’s reduction of violence. “We are mindful of the looming deadlines, but we want to do this methodically and deliberately, and I certainly won’t get ahead of any decisions,” Austin…