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Canada Struggling to Keep Pace With Standard of Living as Labour Productivity Woes Persist

Canada is facing a significant gap in standard of living performance, or real GDP per capita, compared to other advanced economies, according to a report from TD Bank. The report, titled “Mind the Gap: Canada is Falling Behind the Standard-of-Living Curve” and published was published on July 13, highlights Canada’s struggle to keep up with its peers…

Government Spending Threatens Americans’ High Standard of Living

Commentary The average American home is almost 2,200 square feet. An average home in the United Kingdom is a minuscule 818 square feet, in Finland 880 square feet, and in Germany under 1,200 square feet. Cramped. Americans have bigger houses and a higher material standard of living—more appliances, clothing, and cars—largely because they can keep…

Build Back Better Lowered Living Standards, So Let’s Do It Again!

Commentary  A businessman once asked a famous labor leader what he wanted for his workers. The leader replied, “More.” Those favoring policies to increase government spending and control over the economy have the same answer, but add the word power. A problem occurs when a company can’t afford more and the demand leads to bankruptcy….