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Touching Photo of Father and Son Wins Father’s Day Photo Awards

Gan Jing World’s 2023 #GJWBestDad Hashtag Photo Awards recently announced the results of the Father’s Day “Best Dad” photo contest.  Suzi Anna’s winning submission of a father and son playing outdoors will receive a cash prize of $1,000.  Judges praised the photograph’s quality and depth of interpretation in its meaning and message. “The photo depicts…

Anything Is Possible

This film is only available in the United States and Canada because of territorial licensing. A 10-year-old boy runs away when his mother is reported missing while serving on an overseas Army rescue mission. He finds shelter from the city streets at a local orphanage where his incredible talent at the piano is discovered, and…

Bible Town

Join best friends Jimmy, Sarah, and Tammy as they travel to one of the most incredible places on earth: Bible Town—where all the inhabitants tell inspirational Bible stories. * Click the “Save” button below the video to access it later on “My List.” – Feature Films: Cinema collection: Epoch Original content: Feature Films:…

Valedictorian with Non-speaking Autism Gives Her College’s Commencement Speech

Even when she cannot speak, Elizabeth’s message can still be heard. (Video courtesy of Rollins College) …

A Lifetime Gift for a 102-Year-Old Dancer

She will forever be a wonderful dancer.

Police Saved Baby in a Hot Car

If this police officer was not there in time, this baby’s life would have been in danger.

Meet Collette: An Inspirational Cookie Entrepreneur

Six failures couldn’t stop this young lady from trying but made her a cookie entrepreneur.

The Prayer

This song will make everyone feel peaceful today.

These Ducks Are Hilarious

You may not often encounter these funny ducks.

Zach’s Birthday Surprise

What a wonderful birthday gift for children!