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‘It’s Really Special’: Rescued Mini Horse and Dog Share an Incredible Bond With Each Other

A mini horse and a dog who both had a really rough start to their lives share an incredible bond with each other. “They were both rescues that started off life in a bad place,” Olivia from Storeybrook Farm Sanctuary told The Epoch Times. “I think that’s pretty special.” Whidbey, an affectionate dog, was found…

Tru’s Incredible Story

This little baby girl fought really hard to be alive and yet she has never given up.

Little Boy Finds a Stray Puppy and Leaves It at Local Store

This little boy has such a big heart! Hopefully, one day, he will have his own puppy.

A Peace Maker

We will all confront such a difficult situation in life, but how we react to it matters.

Coconut Octopus Closes Itself in Clam Shell

He found a new home. So amazing!

Skillful People

With their skills, these people turn their ordinary jobs into something extraordinary.

Amazing Voice

This little girl has such a raw and beautiful voice.

A Lifetime Gift for a 102-Year-Old Dancer

She will forever be a wonderful dancer.

Humpbacks Come for Breakfast

This is a truly breathtaking scene to witness.

Adorable Boy Loves Spreading Love

The way this little boy is showing love for his parents is incredible.