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Renewed Focus on Writing, Grammar, Punctuation in Australian State’s New Curriculum

The New South Wales (NSW) education curriculum for Years 3 to 10 will be undergoing major changes as policymakers attempt to address the issue of deteriorating performance. The draft curriculum, which was published on Friday for consultation, proposes the shift back towards rote learning in maths and places greater emphasis on writing skills. This builds…

Curricula (Part 2): The World of English | School’s Out

This week, we continue last week’s discussion of curricula, which covered what to teach our children. Let’s look at English grammar, history, geography, science, and other topics, primarily in getting this journey started with younger children. Follow EpochTV on Facebook and Twitter

The Crisis of Illiteracy

Commentary Bill Bryson, in his iconic travelogue about the United Kingdom, Notes from a Small Island, observes that nearly all tourist leaflets are “depressingly illiterate, particularly with regard to punctuation.” He sarcastically promises that “if I see one more tourist leaflet that says ‘Englands Best’ or ‘Britains Largest’ I will go and torch the place.”…