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Is a Geothermal Heat Pump Right for Me?

By Paul F. P. Pogue From Ask Angi As you watch the temperatures rise and your energy bills skyrocket even faster, you may find yourself wondering if there’s a better option to heat and cool your house than your forced-air HVAC unit. Depending on your circumstances, a geothermal heat pump could be the right solution…

Iceland’s Geothermal Lagoons Are a Key Tourist Attraction: Here Are 5 of the Best

By Simon Peter Groebner From Star Tribune Iceland’s geothermal lagoons, baths and spas are more than a tourist attraction — they’re a way of life. In every Icelandic movie and TV show I’ve watched on Icelandair flights, there is a scene in which the characters settle their differences or hash out the news and gossip…

Western Australia Reignites Geothermal Energy Exploration

Western Australia (WA) will allow companies to probe for potential geothermal hotspots as the state revitalises Australia’s dormant geothermal energy ambitions. The new acreage release allows applicants to bid for a total of 21 onshore exploration zones across the state, covering a combined area of nearly 82,000 square kilometres—slightly smaller than the island of Ireland….