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Contracting COVID-19 Accelerates Organ Aging, 3 Medicinal Soups Nourish the Heart, Kidneys, and Brain

The pandemic wreaked havoc during the last three years, and many feel that their health has deteriorated since recovering from COVID-19. Common complaints include frequent cough, greater susceptibility to colds, loose stools, getting tired easily, memory loss, and sleep disorders. Studies have found that infection with COVID-19 can accelerate the aging of organs such as…

Stuffed Pepper Soup (Freezer Friendly)

This Stuffed Pepper Soup was one of our favorite meals last month, when we were trying not to pine over the loss of breadsticks on our month-long stint with Whole30. The entire family enjoyed hearty bowls of this flavorful soup with big scoops of perfectly cooked rice. And though I’m a rice geek, this stuffed pepper…

One-Pot Comfort, Japanese-Style

Winters in Japan mean congregating around heat. We camp out under kotatsu, Japanese heated tables, and share all kinds of nabemono, hot one-pot dishes such as shabu-shabu, oden, or sukiyaki. Combining a medley of ingredients in a simmering broth, these Japanese hot pots are cooked at the table, to be enjoyed as a communal feast….

Sukiyaki (Japanese Beef Hot Pot)

To make sukiyaki at home, you can buy a special wrought-iron sukiyaki pan, or simply use a large skillet. Sukiyaki is best enjoyed when cooked at the table with a portable stove, but you can certainly prepare it all in the kitchen and bring it out to family or guests. Purchase ingredients such as kombu…