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The Iron Horse (1924)

The film “The Iron Horse” is about the construction of the first transcontinental railroad in America. It depicts Irish, Italian, and Chinese immigrants, as well as African Americans, as the men who did the backbreaking work that made this feat possible. Credit: Public Domain Movies – Feature Films: Cinema collection: Epoch Original content:

UK Man Renovates Medieval French Château, Finds Vast Tunnel Network Used by the Resistance During WWII

For Edward Holmes, 44, renovating a medieval château in Bordeaux, France, was quite a change of scenery from his last job landscaping his father’s golf course back in the UK, where he grew up. When his business-minded parents bought Château Lagorce for a cool million euros back in 2003, the young Englishman, then a single…

Video: Exclusive: An Inside Look at Border Trafficking Tunnels

We’ve often heard stories about tunnels used for human trafficking and drug trafficking, and about the various types of trafficking operations run by drug cartels and coyotes. Behind it is a business, wrought with a disregard for American law and for human life. To learn more about these operations we contacted the San Diego Border…