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California Has a New Take on Mezcal and Tequila. How Sacramento-Area Farmers Are Leading It

By Benjy Egel From The Sacramento Bee Sacramento—On recent a brisk March morning in Woodland’s rolling hills, Raul “Reppo” Chavez was already covered in sweat. Chavez and his cousin Antonio had spent the last half-hour hacking away at their agave plants—monstrous pineapple-looking beasts whose spiky leaves are all that can be seen above the soil….

Tequilas to Savor: Carefully Crafted Spirits Meant to be Sipped Straight

Pop culture has done a disservice to tequila, from the idea that one lines up shots with lime wedges and salt to the myth of worms in the bottle (that was mezcal, not tequila, and a marketing gag at best). But tequila-making is an art, and its production has strict guidelines both in ingredients and…

Rethinking Tequila: Premium Brands Aim to Change Old Perceptions

Love it or hate it, tequila conjures up strong feelings in many drinkers. “Forgive us for the old memories of bad quality tequila!” jokes Antonio Rodriguez, director of production at Patrón Tequila. “We cannot hide that we come from a history when usually tequilas were not as premium as they are right now.” Deano Moncrieffe,…