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Sleeping Medication: How It Should Be Used and What Its Risks Are

Sleeping medication can help adjust people’s sleep schedule to sleep; however, there are limits and risks associated with such treatment, especially when used without the guidance of a sleep professional or general practitioner. Studies have shown that melatonin tablets don’t always contain only melatonin, and the label’s dosage isn’t always accurate. In addition, some people…

Re-establishing Sleep Schedule: How to Get Enough Sleep and Why It’s Important

Sleep is important for health and well-being, but it can also be elusive. Work and social lives can play havoc on people’s sleep schedules, and it is important to be able to adjust in order to maintain an acceptable amount of rest for the mind and body. COVID-19 lockdowns disrupted many people’s sleep cycles, allowing…

One Tiny Life Adjustment Can Reduce Depression Risk

Depression takes a toll, so take back some control.In any given year, one in five Americans will have a diagnosable mental health condition, and 2020 and 2021 were anything but “any given years.” Research continues to pour in showing an increase in mental health problems from the COVID-19 pandemic (and government policies resulting from it)….