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Trump-Appointed Federal Judge Blocks Kentucky’s Abortion Bill, Planned Parenthood CEO Claims ‘Win’

A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order blocking Kentucky authorities from enforcing the HB 3 bill that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy and requires women to submit to an examination by a doctor before receiving abortion pills. The abortion law contains reporting requirements and restrictions that Planned Parenthood said it…

Kentucky Activist Indicted After Attempting to Murder Mayoral Candidate

A Kentucky man, with ties to the Black Lives Matter movement, was indicted by a federal judge for allegedly shooting a mayoral candidate, and interfering with his campaign, according to the Department of Justice. Quintez O. Brown, 21, was charged with attempting to kill Louisville candidate Craig Greenberg at his office, said a DOJ press release on…

Judge Orders Private Plane Fly Kentucky Derby Winner’s Sample to NY but Limits Testing

By Janet Patton From Lexington Herald-Leader LEXINGTON, Ky.—A Kentucky judge on Wednesday ordered Medina Spirit’s frozen urine sample to be flown to a New York lab in a private plane for more testing to help determine the fate of the Kentucky Derby winner. After a previously sent blood sample shattered, Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas D….