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1 in 3 Seattle Residents Relocate out of the City Due to Crime and Cost

One in three Seattle residents are relocating out of the city due to public safety concerns over daily crimes and high cost of living prices, according to a Seattle Times/Suffolk University poll published in June. About 33% of Seattle residents surveyed said they were seriously considering moving out of the city. Sixty-seven percent said they…

Election Housing Policies, Getting Close but Still No Cigar

Commentary The Australian election campaign has seen a flurry of new proposals for dealing with the problem of housing affordability. There are some good elements, but mostly these proposals are bad. The most promising idea is the Coalition’s proposal to allow first home buyers to borrow up to 40 percent of their superannuation balance. The…

Cities Should Redo Planning, Permitting to Align With Housing Strategy, Minister Says

OTTAWA—The federal minister in charge of affordable housing says he would like municipalities to reshape local rules to more quickly build units through the government’s national housing strategy. Social Development Minister Ahmed Hussen says some cities and towns have already started to align their permitting and planning process with the federal strategy, but adds many…