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How to Win the Battle Over Temptation

If you’ve ever stopped by the store to pick up milk and walked out with a week’s worth of snacks to go with it, you know something about the power of temptation. Experts say the typical adult is exposed to 3,500 commercial ads in any given day. These hidden persuaders are designed to manipulate our…

10 Simple Habits to Foster This Summer

Summertime is an opportune time to focus on making improvements in yourself and your life. The days are longer, the schedule is more relaxed, and there is time and space to review, reflect, and retool the areas of your life that could use some refreshing. When it comes to making improvements, often the key is…

Simple Habits to Tend to Your Emotional Well-Being

Statistics on mental health paint a dire picture, with self-reported and diagnosed depression and anxiety on the rise post-pandemic. Dr. Andrew Weil. (Kevin Abosch) Over a decade ago, Dr. Andrew Weil, a pioneer in integrative health, wrote “Spontaneous Happiness” as a guide to emotional well-being and in response to the skyrocketing interest and incidences of depression….

The Minimalist Guide to Tracking Habits

Some of the best-selling books over the past few decades fall under the broad topic of productivity advice. The popularity of titles such as “Atomic Habits,” “Getting Things Done,” and “Deep Work” suggests that many people have a strong desire to figure out how to organize their lives and be productive through set daily habits….

10 Common Habits That Increase Risk of Kidney Dialysis

The trend of chronic kidney disease has been rising in the 21st century, affecting more than 10 percent of the population. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that one in seven Americans suffered from chronic kidney disease in 2021 (pdf). That same year, a total of 786,000 patients suffered kidney failure….

6 Ways Developing Good Habits Can Significantly Improve Your Productivity

By Srikar Karra The correlation between habits and productivity is a strong one. Habits are the small, consistent actions that we take on a daily basis, and they can have a big impact on our ability to be productive and successful. By understanding the role that habits play in productivity, and by developing and implementing…

The New Approach to Work Requires a New Approach to Trust

By Tom Medema In a remote work environment, trust becomes more complex and more critical. Without the ability to quickly engage in casual chit-chat, share in social events or even maintain eye contact, trust has proven challenging to establish and nurture in a remote setting, especially regarding relationships with managers. The trust deficit many experience…

The Habit of Healthy Eating

How many times have you reached for a cookie without even realizing you were doing it? Or maybe you find yourself automatically stopping for fast food on your way home from work? We often think that our food choices are conscious decisions we make every day. In truth, many of the foods we buy, cook…

The Chair

When I tell you that I am a born-messy, for whom the years have magnified that trait, it is not with joy. Embarrassment would be more like it. Join me as I step into the confessional. Faithful readers of this column know that I write often on the power of organization to defeat clutter, which…

6 Bulletproof Tips to Conquer Unhealthy Habits and Live a More Purposeful Life

Unhealthy habits stop you from living a happy life, a more purposeful life. They harm your well-being and take away opportunities to be the best version of yourself. Unhealthy Habits As an entrepreneur, I know the importance of building healthy habits while juggling life’s demands. Leveraging my experiences as a small business owner, I want to share a few…