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Canadian Army Waiting for Air-Defence Systems as Ottawa Buys Equipment for Ukraine

The federal Liberal government’s plan to buy anti-aircraft missiles for Ukraine is prompting questions about why such equipment isn’t being bought for the Canadian Army. The Army has been without weapons to defend Canadian troops from enemy aircraft, rockets and drones since the last of its anti-air weapons were retired in 2012, and efforts to…

Defence Chief Was Warned About Legality of Military’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: Memo

The commander of the Canadian Armed Forces was warned by his senior legal and medical advisers last year that requiring all troops to be vaccinated against COVID-19 was unnecessary ⁠—and that doing so “may not constitute a legal order.” The message was delivered to chief of the defence staff Gen. Wayne Eyre in an August…

Poilievre Calls for End to Vaccine Mandate for Canadian Armed Forces Members

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is calling on the federal government to drop COVID-19 vaccine mandates that remain in place for members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), a day after Ottawa announced that pandemic-related border measures will end on Sept. 30. “Trudeau is still keeping his discriminatory & unscientific vaccine mandates for Canadian Forces members,” Poilievre…