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Where’s That Fire? (1940)

A hapless fire crew is given the ultimatum: put out a fire successfully or else be sacked. They fail miserably, and their ancient fire engine is stolen by criminals attempting to steal the crown jewels from the Tower of London. Credit: Public Domain Movies – Feature Films: Cinema collection: epochcinema.com Epoch Original content: epochoriginal.com Feature…

Playful Dog Fails Every Service Dog Test

Ryker is still a very good boy no matter what! …

Mom, Son Texted About Gun Day Before School Shooting

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich.—A day before four students were killed at a Michigan school, the mother of the teenager charged with carrying out the mass shooting sent him a text message asking if he had showed teachers a “pic of your new gun,” an investigator testified Tuesday. The text was one of several between Jennifer and…

Woman Struggles Walking on Slippery Road

The winter is coming and you know the struggle is real. This lady is way too funny!

These Men Will Have You in Stitches

Let’s start your day with a good laugh!

Funny Tiny Bike Bridge Challenge

The best game to challenge your confidence. Notice how it uniquely combines cycling and gymnastics? This should definitely be an Olympic sport!

Funny Ice Slips and Falls

When winter hits, the struggle is real!