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‘Love Wins’: Trump Supporters, Detractors in NY Promote Peaceful Disagreement Amid Rising Political Tensions

NEW YORK—After a day of protesting in New York over former President Donald Trump’s indictment, a common sentiment arising in the area outside the Manhattan Courthouse where Trump was arraigned was the need for more listening and less violence amid rising political tensions. “I’m glad to see people were peaceful,” Ray, a pro-Trump protester from…

Pro-Trump Congressional Candidates Win in Indiana’s Contested Republican Primaries

Pro-Trump candidates Jennifer-Ruth Green and Erin Houchin won the contested Republican primaries in Indiana’s 1st and 9th Congressional Districts on May 3. The rest of Indiana’s congressional races—five of them—had largely uncontested Republican primaries. Houchin got 21,671 votes, followed by Mike Sodrel with 14, 993 votes and Stu Barnes-Israel with 12,181 votes, according to the 9th District’s latest…

Sephora Cuts Ties With Pro-Trump Influencer Amanda Ensing

Pro-Trump YouTube personality and beauty influencer Amanda Ensing has called on her followers to boycott Sephora after the beauty brand cut ties with her for not being “aligned” wit its “values around inclusivity.” “#BoycottSephora for saying conservatives, like myself, don’t align with @Sephora ‘values around inclusivity,’” Amanda Ensing, a Christian woman of Puerto Rican descent with 1.4 million…