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From Neglect to Nurturing: A Father’s Day Transformation

Commentary For most Americans, Father’s Day is a time to show their appreciation to the man who helped raise them, guide them in life, and is a role model for healthy masculinity. However, for me, as a child, I saw Father’s Day as a day to ignore, because my father ignored me. My father had…

How to Plan the Perfect Patio

By Tim Carter From Tribune Content Agency Recently, I had the enormous pleasure to help my son achieve one of his goals. He bought a new home last year and quickly discovered how much he missed the stunning red-brick patio he grew up with at our last home. One day last fall, his mother and…

Father Teaches His Son How to Catch Fish by Hand

What an amazing thing that a father can teach his son. This is awesome!

Dads And Kids’ Dancing Routine

What a great way to build a father-children bond!