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10-Year-Old Born Blind Sees No Limits—Loves Riding Bicycle, Skiing, Playing Piano

Although at first glance it would seem unlikely, Ashton Dunford has no limits. The 10-year-old is blind from birth, and yet, he has done all of the same things—perhaps even more—than most kids his age. Ashton, who is Tyler and Hilda Dunford’s second of three children, does not see the limits that could hold him back….

Investigation Finds Evidence of PFAS in Workout and Yoga Pants

One in four pairs of popular leggings and yoga pants tested have detectable levels of fluorine, an indicator of toxic PFAS, according to a new report from Mamavation. Partnering with Environmental Health News ( the environmental wellness blog and community Mamavation tested the activewear and found levels of fluorine ranging from 10 parts per million (ppm)…