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Internal Audit Raises Red Flags Over Maintenance of Graves, Cemeteries for Veterans

An internal report by Veterans Affairs Canada is raising red flags over the country’s military graves and cemeteries, warning that more permanent funding is needed to keep them from falling into disrepair. The report is the result of an internal audit following up on a similar review six years ago. At that time, nearly 45,000…

New Package Approved for Australian Veterans Support

Australian defence force families and veterans undergoing rehabilitation and full-time study will continue to receive higher welfare payments after the Defence, Veterans’ and Families’ Acute Support Package Bill 2022 passed the Senate on Sept. 28. The Scheme, which expired in July 2022, will now be extended until July 2023 and backdated for August and September. Matt…

VA Doctors Performing Certain Abortions May Not Be Penalized by States: DOJ

The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) issued a memorandum opinion for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) saying that U.S. states cannot restrict or penalize VA doctors for performing abortions “in a manner authorized by federal law.” “States may not impose criminal or civil liability on VA employees—including doctors, nurses, and administrative staff—who provide or…