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Getting to the Heart of Impulse Shopping

It’s a simple fact: the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the amount of impulse shopping most people have been doing. There are a lot of stats proving it, but you can simply take a look at your own life and the lives of people you know to see if it’s true for you. Why have we…

A Primer on Understanding & Compassion

A reader wrote to me that he is frustrated with himself — he hasn’t been as compassionate to people as he’d like recently. Lots of us experience this: we’re judgmental, quick to snap at people, getting frustrated with how other people act, judging people who have different beliefs than us. The reader who wrote to…

How We, as Women, Give Away Our Power

Gwen was a working comedian when I first met her. She wasn’t famous yet, but it seemed that she was on her way there. I had never met an artist who pushed herself so hard. No matter how tired she was, she showed up at every audition and never said no to any possible opportunity….