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Over 100,000 Fishers Die Every Year, Says Safety Foundation Study

More than four times as many fishing-related deaths take place globally every year than earlier estimates, according to a new study conducted by the FISH Safety Foundation (FSF). In 1987, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimated that around 24,000 fatalities took place in the fishing industry annually. In 1999, the International Labor Organization…

‘Major Damage’: East Coast Fishing Industry Feeling Impact From Post-Tropical Storm

The impact of post-tropical storm Fiona on Atlantic Canada’s fishing industry is still being tallied, but Osborne Burke already knows it will cost almost $2 million to repair a major seafood processing plant in Neils Harbour, N.S. The general manager of Victoria Co-operative Fisheries Ltd. says the high-tech operation was torn open by Fiona’s hurricane-force…

Newfoundland Fishers Face Livelihood Questions After Fiona Storm Damage

Colourful fishing stages bobbed in the water by Rose Blanche-Harbour Le Cou Tuesday as Cliff Bateman watched from his property. Days earlier, the picturesque buildings that are used to land and process fish were upright before post-tropical storm Fiona swept them into the ocean by the southwestern Newfoundland town. Bateman watched the storm toss them…