I know I need to stop and thank a lot of people that have helped me along the way with doing reviews and being a retired forum moderator over at www.overclock.net

For awhile now there were some friends that have stood behind me and allowed me to begin a future with doing reviews and maybe it’s time I actually stop and give a “Shout out” to those people here instead of doing it on social media.

I’d like to first and foremost thank Colin Brix…
I met Colin at an overclocking event that I put together last year in Farmington Hills, MI
And Colin actually showed up to the event. The items that Gigabyte and Colin provided during that event were amazing and it was the “TRUE” beginning of Gigabyte support into www.overclock.net

Since then Gigabyte has done a lot for the entire community there and in many others around the world and I have to stop and say Thank You to Colin, Irene, Dino and Tim.. All you guys rock and everyone needs to stop and take their hats off to this crew.

As time has gone on I’ve had the wonderful chance to review and test a few really killer motherboards from Gigabyte and along the way was introduced to some other wonderful people with other companies. Shannon at Thermaltake is one of the people that needs another special thank you. Thermaltake provided a lot of items at this event last year and since then Shannon and I have kept in touch and we have worked on another item that could help me in the future.. More on that at another time..

With me being a Michigander… Vince “K|ngp|n” Lucido and I became friends since he’s a Michigander and I’m a team member on our overclocking team called Team Pure. Being on this team I was able to meet Jake from Corsair, Andre from Asus and Nick from Asrock to name a few. These guys are top notch and the best in their fields and show much needed support around the world. A special thank you to all of you guys as well. I cant forget Frank from G.Skill for his support either. A big thank you to my friends that I speak to nightly which include Mike (Mikecdm), Rob (Battlecryawesome), Ron (Schmuckley), Dhenz (dhenzjhen). These guys are the ones that keep me motivated to continue on with all this when I’ve wanted to give up.

I know a lot of my friends and co-workers look at me like a deer in the headlights when I talk about this stuff but it’s become a passion of mine and a hobby as well. I can be the first to admit that I don’t have unlimited funds to drop $8000.00 on hardware like a lot of these guys do, I don’t have unlimited resources for hardware and software like these other guys do and I’m still the “New Guy” trying to get his foot in the door with overclocking and reviewing. Which brings me to why I’m posting this….

Since the release of Haswell (or Hasfail as some have called it) I was given a wonderful chance to review a great overclocking motherboard. I had no resources for a processor like the other 98% of the people that got an “ES” chip. Heck, even guys that didn’t ask for them received them and I was told that there are none left to hand out….

I know some tried to get a processor and were not able to get one for me (Thank you Colin and Irene) and with my limited resources I was unable to purchase one right away on release day. So, after I purchased a crappy retail chip I posted what I thought was a good review giving good input on a product. The product was amazing and feature rich. But since the post of the review I’ve felt that I’ve been shunned away from the community and some other people, maybe it’s me…

The Future:

I’m currently working with someone that Shannon from Thermaltake got me in touch with. This person, his reviews and his site are amazing and I’m looking forward to what the future holds. I guess only time can tell what the “Future” holds for XtremeCuztoms.

Best wishes