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Treasure Hunter Reunites Owner With Found Personal Belongings After Nearly 20 Years

It is like a trip back in time for the man. How heartwarming!

Birdwatcher Spots Gold Coin in Field, Unearths Hoard of 1,300 Celtic Coins Worth 845,000 Pounds

People across the UK have been unearthing treasures this year. But no one has stumbled across a more valuable find than one UK birdwatcher, who just discovered a hoard of Celtic gold coins worth 845,000 pounds (US$1.176 million). It is being called the largest recorded collection of Celtic coins ever found in the UK mainland….

Amateur Treasure Hunter Finds Long-Lost Gold Figurine From King Henry VIII’s Crown in English Countryside

An amateur treasure hunter recently identified a solid gold artifact he unearthed as the long-lost centerpiece of King Henry VIII’s crown. The object was found near a pond in the Northamptonshire countryside, at the back of Market Harborough Golf Club. At the site, which was once a medieval village known as Little Oxendon, 49-year-old Kev…