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Feds’ Curb on Debate of Online Streaming Bill Condemned as Draconian by Tories

The federal government is cutting short debate by MPs of its online streaming bill, a move Tories are condemning as draconian and disturbing. They say curbing scrutiny of the bill line by line in committee is a Liberal attempt to rush it through the Commons and will lead to the creation of a flawed law….

Liberals Urge Tories to Reconsider Compromise on Documents About Fired Scientists

OTTAWA—Government House leader Mark Holland is urging the Conservatives to reconsider their rejection of a compromise proposal that would allow MPs to finally see unredacted documents related to the firing of two scientists at Canada’s highest-security laboratory. In a letter Tuesday to his Conservative counterpart, Gerard Deltell, Holland reiterates his proposal to allow a special…

Tories Boycott Security Committee Over Refusal to Release Docs on Fired Scientists

OTTAWA—Erin O’Toole is refusing to name Conservative members to the national security and intelligence committee of parliamentarians. The Conservative leader pulled his party’s MPs from the committee last spring to protest the Liberal government’s refusal to hand over unredacted documents related to the firing of two scientists from Canada’s highest security laboratory. In a Dec….

Why We Should Pay Attention to Political Party Conventions

Commentary Political party conventions are very strange events. Your special ID opens a mysterious portal into a twilight world of frantic resolution debates, rabble-rousing speeches, anxious caucusing, and generally a whole lot of bad coffee, adrenaline, and pamphlets that the rest of the country watches with… uh… hey, we’re having a convention, can I interest…

Tories Call for Special Committee on Canada-US Relations

The Conservative Party of Canada on Thursday called for the creation of a special committee that will “examine and review all aspects of the economic relationship between Canada and the United States” during a Parliament debate. Submitted by Conservatives Trade critic Tracy Gray to the House of Commons, the motion states that with the current economic…