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Living Life Under Occupation

Commentary One of the striking things about life in wartime is how normal it can be for ordinary people. Imagine life in Paris under German occupation for four years during the Second World War. Children were born, and old people died—of natural causes. Teachers taught, and kids went to school to learn. Shops, churches, and…

Photos: Police Prevent Supporters of Truck Protest Returning to Centre of Ottawa

OTTAWA, Canada—Police officers armed with long batons, and backed up by tear gas launchers and armored cars, stop people getting into central Ottawa on Feb. 20.

Before the Crackdown: The Faces and Voices of the Canadian Freedom Convoy

Canadians—whichever side of the Freedom Convoy protest they sit on—will be counting the cost of the three-week occupation of the capital Ottawa for some time to come. By Feb. 21, police had made 196 arrests, with 110 people charged with an assortment of matters including obstructing police, causing a disturbance, disobeying a court order, mischief,…