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Novel Newborn Genetic Screen Possible for Earlier Diagnosis and Treatment

Research led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) has reported that their novel newborn genetic screen may be feasible and reliable to test for three rare genetic disorders simultaneously. The research, led by Professor David Godler from the MCRI, developed a method to screen for Prader Willi, Angelman and Dup15 simultaneously from a sample…

Saving Newborns in His Wife’s Memory

Nick Silverio and his wife Gloria were married for 32 years, and they were always told that they would be wonderful parents. Gloria was the sweetest soul, Silverio said, loving and kind to everyone, especially the children and the elderly. The couple had no children of their own—there were two miscarriages, including one on Christmas…

Tru’s Incredible Story

This little baby girl fought really hard to be alive and yet she has never given up.