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St. Louis Man Wants His Guns Back After Governor’s Pardon

ST. LOUIS—The St. Louis man who along with his wife was pardoned after waving guns at social justice demonstrators has filed a lawsuit to have the guns returned and to have fines the couple paid returned to them. Mark McCloskey, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, argued in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in St….

Mark McCloskey Opens Up to The Epoch Times: ‘The Power Resides in the People’

Last summer, the George Floyd riots didn’t just bring death and damage to the city of St. Louis, it made Mark and Patricia McCloskey famous. The Epoch Times was able to sit down with Mr. McCloskey and go over his journey into politics. He opened up a bit more about what happened after he and…

Mark McCloskey Files Campaign Papers to Run for Senate in Missouri

Mark McCloskey, the Missouri lawyer who briefly entered the national spotlight after pointing a rifle at Black Lives Matter protesters who trespassed near his home, filed formal campaign paperwork to run for the U.S. Senate in Missouri. McCloskey launched a campaign website, which says that he “and his wife, Patty, held off a violent mob…