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Researchers Find Academics Improve for Athletes Playing in College Football Bowl Games

College football bowl games are known to create publicity for universities, increase donations from alumni, and promote tourism for host cities. Players appear on national television, travel to a new or warm-weather destination, and receive recognition items. But does playing an extra game affect a student-athlete’s academics? After discovering from their students how much student-athlete…

The Cost of Ineffective Communication and How to Improve

By Athalia Monae Whether you’re leading a startup or corporation, open, honest, and effective communication is a must. We get so busy with our daily tasks and the unexpected things that it’s easy to communicate ineffectively, but we have to make it a priority. A lack of effective communication can ruin personal relationships just as…

Rio Favela Seeks to Improve Kids’ Lives Through Golf

RIO DE JANEIRO—Saturday is not a school day, so kids in Rio de Janeiro’s City of God favela fill the dirt roads playing soccer or pretending to be cops and robbers around dangerous alleys. All the while, parents are watching over them, hoping their children don’t get scouted by drug dealers seeking messengers and couriers….