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Decision to Exempt Gas Turbines From Sanctions Right Thing to Do: Freeland

Canada’s decision last week to send repaired parts of a Russian natural gas pipeline back to Germany was difficult but necessary, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said Saturday. The Liberals are facing heavy criticism from Ukraine for exempting six Siemens Energy turbines, which were serviced in Montreal and help deliver gas to parts of Germany,…

Freeland Says Surging Energy Prices Should Drive Green Transition

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland says the government is absolutely concerned with the struggles Canadians are facing as a result of inflation, but insists the current energy crisis is another reason to focus on the green transition. After Freeland made a similar comment Tuesday several critics accused her of not caring about the suffering of…

Freeland Says Russia Should Be Booted From G20, but No Movement Yet

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says Russia should be booted from an international forum to manage global economic concerns. Freeland says removing Russia from the G20 was a key topic of discussion during meetings this week of finance ministers and central bankers from the group of nations. She says Russia doesn’t have a place at the…

Feds Increase Military Spending While Providing Few Specifics, as Defence Policy Review Announced

The federal government increased defence spending in its April 7 budget, but details on how the money will be spent are lacking, as the feds also announced a review of its national defence policy.

Federal Liberals Set to Deliver Budget on April 7, Freeland Tells House of Commons

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland plans to deliver this year’s federal budget next week. Freeland told the House of Commons she will unveil the government’s spending plans on April 7 in a document that has been expected to focus on measures to spur economic growth. It is also anticipated the budget will have new social programs…

Federal Government Warns Canadians Against Fighting for Russia in Ukraine

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland is warning Canadians against fighting for Russia in Ukraine, saying anyone who does so could face severe consequences. Freeland issued the warning during a news conference in Ottawa today, where she announced further sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. The deputy prime minister said Canada believes Russia’s attack…

Feds, Bank of Canada Agree to More Flexibility in Fighting Inflation

The renewal of the Bank of Canada’s mandate, stating that policy decisions will now also emphasize “maximum sustainable employment” while noting that this is “not directly measurable,” has brought out skeptics.

Budget 2021’s Big Spend Has Some Goodies for Business but Leaves Debt Worries

The Liberal government’s $101.4 billion new spend on COVID-relief and growth stimulus unveiled in the April 19 federal budget answers many questions posed last fall, but it still raises many concerns about its intent, timing, impact on economic growth, and the risky debt burden.

Budget 2021 Preview: Balancing Pandemic Support, Growth Spending While Keeping Debt Manageable

A key dynamic for the April 19 federal budget—the first in over two years—will be how the government expects to balance economic support, as the pandemic’s third wave intensifies, with the $70 billion to $100 billion it earmarked in stimulus spending last fall.