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California’s Laws That Force You to Discriminate | Anastasia Boden

A California law was passed, making it mandatory for company boards to have a certain percentage of women and people of color. But it is now being called unconstitutional. My guest is Anastasia Boden, senior attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation. She explains why this recent law contradicts our 14th Amendment and how it could…

Southwest Flight Attendant Fired Over Pro-Life Views to Have Her Day in Federal Court, Judge Rules

A federal judge has ordered that fired Southwest Airlines flight attendant Charlene Carter’s religious discrimination lawsuit against the company and its union would proceed to trial, after the judge denied a request to dismiss the lawsuit. The case, known as Carter v. Transport Workers Union of America Local 556, civil action 3:17-cv-2278, is pending in…

How Has Australian Life Changed Over the Last 20 Years?

The Household Income and Labour Dynamics (HILDA) survey by the University of Melbourne gives insights into how Australian life and attitudes have changed over the last 20 years. The survey tracks the lives of largely the same group of 17,000 Australians, with the latest statistical report revealing various trends that emerged between 2001 and 2019….