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Chinese Entrepreneur and Dissident Sentenced to 18 Years in Financially Motivated Case

An outspoken Chinese entrepreneur and dissident was sentenced to prison and  heavy fined on July 28. Two law experts said the harsh ruling signals a new wave of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) campaign of targeting private firms to acquire their assets. A court in Hebei Province sentenced Sun Dawu, 67, to 18 years in…

China Insider: Leading Hong Kong Dissidents Charged With Subversion

Forty-seven Hong Kong activists were charged on Feb. 28 with conspiracy to commit subversion, in the largest single clampdown on the city’s pro-democracy opposition under a Beijing-imposed “national security law.”

China Adopts Trial In Absentia, in a Move Analysts Say Will Target Overseas Dissidents 

The Chinese regime’s highest court issued a detailed interpretation of a criminal procedure law on Feb. 4, stipulating that trial in absentia can be applied to defendants who “seriously endanger national security” and are based outside China, according to Chinese media reports. “Trial in absentia” refers to criminal proceedings in which a defendant is not…