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China Drafts New Data Measures, Defines ‘Core Data’

BEIJING—The Chinese regime published new draft measures on Thursday aimed at bolstering its new data security law, including definitions of what it considered “core” and “important” data. The Chinese regime implemented the Data Security Law on Sept. 1. which requires all companies in China to classify the data they handle into several categories and governs…

Britain, EU Must Use Caution in New Online Rules: UN

GENEVA—Britain and other countries drawing up legislation to regulate online content—including racist abuse—must avoid overly broad definitions and over-reliance on algorithms that might curb free speech, United Nations officials warned on Wednesday. Some 40 new laws on social media have been adopted worldwide in the last two years, including Vietnam’s 2019 cybersecurity law, in which…

Beijing Could Potentially Eavesdrop on Clubhouse Chinese Users’ Conversations: Report

The Chinese regime could have access to raw audio data from mainland Chinese users of the U.S.-based audio app Clubhouse, according to a recent analysis by researchers at the Stanford Internet Observatory. The Stanford researchers speculated that Beijing could potentially punish Clubhouse users in China for their speech on the app, given the regime’s history….