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The Warrior Heart Escorts Bullied Teen

Just love how they all lined up to shake the boy’s hand and honor him. True heroes!

Kind Biker Helps a Cute Koala on Its Climb

He was very gentle and smart about his approach. Good job!

Motorcyclist Stops to Help Woman With Stuck Wheelchair

There are people out there who actually care.

Bikers Stop to Visit Kids’ Lemonade Stand

A lovely story from both perspectives—that of the little girls, who are trying to be independent and earn money on their own, and the motorcyclists who are supporting them. Well done, kids, and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Biker Becomes a Firefighter as House Almost Burns Down

Brave, selfless and quick-minded, this heroic biker becomes a firefighter much to his own surprise!

Deputy Pulls Over Biker Who Just Saw Friend Die, Offers a Shoulder to Lean on Instead of Ticket

A routine traffic stop recently turned into much more when a traffic officer encountered a distraught biker on a Florida highway. Hillsborough County master deputy Donald Rizer was on his usual traffic patrol on Dale Mabry Highway when he pulled over a biker for an exhaust pipe violation. Rizer quickly observed that the rider, in…