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A Family’s Journey Through the Civil War

Hardships and tragedies befell many families during the American Civil War. The stories of misfortune and heartbreak are touching, tragic, and seemingly endless. For some reason, one family’s wartime journey stood out to me. The story of their pain—and their loss—eventually led me to a small family cemetery in rural North Carolina. But I’m getting…

Funniest Moments of Children

Children always bring us a lot of joy.

BC Man Who Helped Stranded US Family Rewarded With New Car, Peanuts

A B.C. man who gained widespread attention for helping drive a stranded American family to the Alaska-Canada border will soon be able to do that trip in a new car. Gary Bath, a Canadian ranger and military veteran in Fort St. John, helped Lynn Marchessault and her family after they were stranded in a November…