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The Stingray Shuffle Is in Season. Do It to Avoid a Nasty Injury

By Chris Kuo From Tampa Bay Times Tampa—For Kim Bassos-Hull, getting barbed by a stingray hurt more than giving birth to her two children. “I had kids with no drugs, like I did natural childbirth. And this hurt more than that,” said Bassos-Hull, a senior biologist with the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium in Sarasota….

VIDEO: Photographer Captures Stingrays, Sharks, Floating Woman From Above in Surreal Beach Paradise in Maldives

Photographer Rafhan Ahmed starts each day the same way. Sipping his espresso at the beach under a clear blue sky, he thanks his lucky stars. “It’s a wonderful feeling. I feel fantastic calling this tropical island paradise my home,” he said. That little part of heaven is the Maldives, where 28-year-old Rafhan works as a…