Category: stews

Chili con Chocolate

Classic chili gains an extra depth of flavor with a couple tablespoons of cocoa added to the pot. The texture is rich and thick, and the flavor is deeply savory, just a bit sweet, and a touch spicy. Do dice all the vegetables to the same size, not only for better presentation, but also for…

One-Pot Comfort, Japanese-Style

Winters in Japan mean congregating around heat. We camp out under kotatsu, Japanese heated tables, and share all kinds of nabemono, hot one-pot dishes such as shabu-shabu, oden, or sukiyaki. Combining a medley of ingredients in a simmering broth, these Japanese hot pots are cooked at the table, to be enjoyed as a communal feast….

Sukiyaki (Japanese Beef Hot Pot)

To make sukiyaki at home, you can buy a special wrought-iron sukiyaki pan, or simply use a large skillet. Sukiyaki is best enjoyed when cooked at the table with a portable stove, but you can certainly prepare it all in the kitchen and bring it out to family or guests. Purchase ingredients such as kombu…