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Photos: German Photographer Spots Cutest Baby Squirrels Napping on Windowsill

Amateur German photographer Ludwig C. Timm snapped the most adorable images of squirrels sleeping after they moved in right outside his own home. At first, Timm and his wife noticed just a few small twigs appear outside their bathroom window. But as time went on, the little pile grew, and it became clear a furry…

Photographer Captures Squirrels Playing With Toy Dinosaurs in an Adorable Photo Series

Combining his two loves, red squirrels and dinosaurs, a Belgium-based photographer has produced an adorable photo series showing squirrels stealing nuts from fearsome toy-sized relics. Rwanda-born self-taught photographer Niki Colemont, 36, has spent 3,200 hours across six years photographing and observing red squirrels. The key ingredients to capture them according to him are time, patience, and perseverance….

Dutch Photographer Captures Adorable Ground Squirrels Delicately Sniffing Flowers in Fantasy-Like Landscapes

While we humans may fancy ourselves leading very exciting lives, spending our days scrolling through social media and texting leisurely, sometimes animals may teach us a thing or two about enjoying the simple things in life—to slow down and smell the roses as it were. Well, one animal photographer from the Netherlands is invoking this…