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Video: British Veteran Provides Humanitarian Aid

British veteran Steve Parker wanted to go to Ukraine to help, he told NTD. After talking with a group of friends and community members, they have rallied together to bring many large vehicles, aid, and funds to the Ukrainian border. From NTD

Differences and Similarities Between Russia-Ukraine and China-Taiwan Crises

News Analysis As the entire world is paying close attention to the Russia-Ukraine war, Taiwan has become a highly searched keyword on the internet. Many are saying they are worried that Taiwan will become the next Ukraine. In addition to “Ukraine,” “Putin,” and “NATO,” Taiwan also became a Twitter trend on Feb. 25. By evening…

EpochTV Review: Did Biden’s Past Dealings with Ukraine Cause the Current Conflict with Russia?

Commentary In “Over the Target,” a recently added series to EpochTV, host Lee Smith and Brandon Fallon talk about the conflict that has been brewing at the Russia–Ukraine border. Will America get involved, and what is the media not telling the American public about the root cause of this conflict? Currently, tensions are running very high at…