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Paleontologists ‘Discover’ Fossil of Giant Extinct Eagle That Dwarfed Modern Raptors, Could Kill Kangaroo

Fossil hunters Down Under have pieced together the story of a colossal prehistoric raptor—a bird so huge its talons could have killed a kangaroo. The bones of a giant avian were collected from South Australia’s Mairs Cave by cavers back in 1956 and 1969. After long delays, new research conducted by scientists from Flinders University…

This Giant Bird of Prey Is the Largest Eagle on Earth With Talons Bigger Than a Grizzly Bear’s Claws

For a bird named after a horrid beast from Greek mythology, this raptor of unmatched power and majesty is pretty incredible. The “harpy eagle” was so named because of its resemblance to the chimerical harpy—storm spirits with the face of a woman and body of a bird who carried dead souls to the underworld, Hades….

Ford Launches High-Performance Bronco Raptor

Ford Motor Co. on Monday launched a Raptor variant of its Bronco SUV, expanding its Bronco lineup with a new high-priced model. Ford said the Bronco Raptor is set to hit the roads this summer and customers can begin placing orders in March. The Raptor’s improved off-roading capabilities and 3.0 liter twin turbo ecoboost engine…