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China’s 2022 Olympics App Can Spy on People: Researcher

A U.S. researcher is flagging a security flaw in a smartphone app that is mandatory for all those attending the 2022 Winter Olympics, describing what he found as “nefarious and concerning.” Jonathan Scott, lead mobile security engineer at fintech company cLabs, discovered the flaw recently after reverse-engineering both the iOS and Android versions of the…

Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics App Is a Privacy Threat to Users, Expert Says

People traveling to China for the 2022 Winter Olympics—including athletes, government dignitaries, and corporate executives—are all at risk of personal data exposure and being surveilled by the Chinese regime, a data security expert warned. The risk centers around a state-controlled smartphone app called “MY 2022” that Beijing demands international and local attendees use to come…

China’s App for Olympians Has Security Flaw, Censors Sensitive Words, Says Canadian Report

An app mandated for use by all attendees of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has a flaw that allows encryption of sensitive data to be sidestepped, a new study by Canadian researchers says.  The app also censors words related to the Chinese authorities’ human rights abuses of ethnic and religious minority groups, according to the study….