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It’s On–China’s Economic War on the West

Commentary What’s really behind Beijing’s “zero-tolerance” COVID-19 policy? Isn’t the pandemic all but over, with the vast majority of variants becoming less lethal and a large percentage of populations either vaccinated or with natural immunity? If all that’s true—and it is—what’s going on? Follow the Science: Lockdowns Don’t Work China’s lockdowns aren’t about saving lives….

Russia Threatens to Nationalize Foreign-Owned Factories Shut Down During Ukraine Crisis

A legislative commission led by the ruling party in Russia approved measures on March 8 that would pave the way for the nationalization of property of Western companies now exiting the country in protest of the military attacks on Ukraine. United Russia, the dominant political party in the Russian parliament’s lower house, the State Duma, said that…

Cyberattacks Could Cause Destructive Economic Damage, Warns Goldman Sachs Analyst

The escalation of Russia’s conflict with Ukraine could spark more “malicious cyber activity” with the potential to inflict significant economic and social costs warned an analyst at Goldman Sachs Group (GSG). According to research, cyberattacks cause about $1 trillion damage to the world economy annually and that two-thirds of them in recent years were allegedly attributed…

China’s Economic War Against America: Kevin Freeman

We sat down with Kevin Freeman—the host of Economic WarRoom—and discussed the economic war that China is engaging against the U.S., as well as how Americans can weaponize their spending to better fight for their values. Stay tuned for our newsletter so you won’t miss out on our exclusive videos and private events. Facts Matter is an…