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Convalescent Plasma May Keep COVID-19 Patients out of Hospital

The results of a nationwide, multicenter clinical trial provide solid evidence for the use of convalescent plasma as an early treatment for people with COVID-19.

WHO Advises Against Convalescent Plasma as COVID-19 Treatment

The World Health Organization (WHO) late Monday advised against using convalescent plasma to treat COVID-19. “For non-severe COVID-19 patients, WHO recommends against its use, while it should only be used within clinical trials for severe and critical COVID-19 patients,” the WHO announced. Convalescent plasma therapy involves using the blood plasma of patients who recovered from COVID-19…

Results for COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Still Inconclusive More Than a Year After Emergency Authorization Issued

News Analysis Data on the effectiveness of convalescent plasma for hospitalized COVID-19 patients is still inconclusive despite more than a year since the federal authority first issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the therapy and many studies have been conducted. Findings from a recent randomized controlled trial suggest that convalescent plasma—the liquid component of…