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Let’s Expose the Cruelty and Absurdity of the Chinese Communist Party

Commentary  “Never forget,” wrote the exiled Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei in his new memoir, “that under a totalitarian system, cruelty and absurdity go hand in hand.” He is absolutely right. Last week, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started talking about democracy. Indeed, its State Council published a paper declaring itself a “whole-process democracy.” Excuse…

How a Tiny Communist Party Took Over the Politics of a Whole American State

Trevor Loudon outlines the influence that the pro-Beijing Communist Party USA has in Connecticut. Almost every prominent politician in the state has a working relationship with the Communist Party USA—yet Connecticut voters have virtually no knowledge of these relationships. Counterpunch is an Epoch Times show available on Facebook, Gab, and YouTube. Support Counterpunch:​ Follow…

Ottawa Must Create Asylum Pathways For Hongkongers Fleeing Persecution, Committee Hears

Canada’s current immigration and refugee policies need to include a dedicated pathway for Hongkongers fleeing persecution, a parliamentary committee heard on Feb. 1.  “This is not a conventional humanitarian crisis, so conventional solutions are not effective for those who need our help,” said Cherie Wong, the executive director of pro-democracy group Alliance Canada Hong Kong….