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Despite Cabinet’s Deficit Reduction Promises, Canada’s Federal Debt-to-GDP Ratio Will Increase: Budget Officer

Canada’s federal debt-to-GDP ratio will grow and remain above its 2022–23 level for two years before gradually declining over the medium term, according to an assessment by the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), despite the federal government’s earlier promises of deficit reduction. Budget 2023 projected that the ratio would rise from 42.4 percent in 2022–23 to 43.5…

John Robson: What I Would Do to Fix the Budget Process if I Were Finance Minister

Commentary When I read that Canada’s next federal budget would land on March 28 I thought “Oh great, that’s all we need.” Especially since Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland supposedly “reaffirmed the government’s commitment to ‘prudent fiscal management,’” and when this administration promises to “continue” something you know it’s not happening. But striving to remain positive…

Canada’s Budget Dangers Ahead

Commentary The Liberal government’s budget finally comes down on April 19, the first in two years. On April 5, The Financial Post evaluated the case for and against a capital gains tax on the sale of a principal residence, and on April 9 Terence Corcoran commented that other tax increases seem certain. The case may…